Trends as of 29-Jul-2021 at 9:00am

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Wind Data

CURRENT Wind direction plot
Now 0.1 mph NW
Gust 0.0 mph NW
Gust/hr 4.0 mph
Today 4.0 mph N at 8:05am
Yest. 4.0 mph at 9:50am
Month 13.0 mph on 07-Jul-2021
Year 37.0 mph on 25-May-2021
Today 1.0 mph NNE at 8:06am
Yest. 3.1 mph at 11:01am
Month 5.7 mph on 07-Jul-2021
Year 14.4 mph on 11-Mar-2021
Today 0.02 miles
Month 75.82 miles
Year 18394.63 miles

Wind run is a measurement of how much wind has passed a given point during a given period of time. A wind blowing at five miles per hour for an entire day (24 hours) would give a wind run of 120 miles for the day.

Wind Trend Graphs

Graphs generated by Virtual Weather Station (V15.00)
Wind Speed Wind Speed
Wind Gusts Wind Gusts
Wind Chill Wind Chill